"But now I am sending for many fishermen who will catch them," said the Lord -Jeremiah 16:16

Seminole Christian Anglers is a Christ-centered Ministry dedicated to promoting Christian values, patriotism, and conservation through fellowship always beginning and ending in prayer. Our mission is to use the tradition of fishing as a common ground for bringing Christians and non-believers together by providing opportunities for Christian fellowship, Outreach and giving.

Seminole Christian Anglers believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, came and died on a cross for the remission of our sins and rose again on the third day and that anyone who believes in Him and accepts Him as their personal savior, can have eternal life in Heaven.

Our tournament trail allows equal advantage for anglers of all levels. We are a non-denominational Ministry and do not require participants to be a member of any Church or other religious organization, but we do expect them to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with biblical principles.

We invite Men's Ministries, Small Groups and Family Teams to participate with the Seminole Christian Anglers as a means for Christ-centered fellowship. New teams are welcome anytime throughout the year. Please see the Register link to learn how to get registered to fish in the tournaments.

You can also contact us at to request more information about getting involved with the Seminole Christian Anglers.

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